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This website is operated by Spru Bitz (we/us/our). As a user (you/your) of this website you acknowledge that any use of this website including any transactions you make is subject to our terms and conditions outlined below. Please read through these terms and conditions thoroughly before using this website. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

Business details:

Spru Bitz
1 The Old Forge
Ilmer, Bucks
HP27 9FX
United Kingdom

Please note we are not open to the public.

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Postage is a one-off fee per transaction. Combine as many bitz as you like!

UK: Royal Mail Standard 2nd Class £1.75
UK: Royal Mail Standard 1st Class: £2.15
UK: Royal Mail Tracked: £4.95
Overseas: Royal Mail Airmail £4.95

Please allow up to 5 days for UK delivery, and 7-28 for overseas.


Data Protection

1.1 Any and all data obtained by us through your usage of this website will be held in absolute confidence in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will not be shared with any third-party or affiliate under any circumstances.

1.2 All information that you provide must be accurate and complete. Any passwords entered by you are exclusive to your account and must be treated as strictly confidential.

1.3 Any password and account facilities may be altered and withdrawn at our discretion.

1.4 You must treat your account as strictly confidential and subject to usage by the account holder (you) only. Under no circumstances must you allow anyone other than you to access your account.

1.5 We reserve the right at our discretion to cancel your account facilities at any time.

1.6 We will take all reasonable precautions to keep the details you provide secure but, unless we are negligent, we accept no responsibility or liability for any losses caused as a result of unauthorised access to information provided by you.

1.7 We will not store on file any credit or debit card information under any circumstances. 

1.8 See individual headings below for further applicable data protection information;



2.1 Any and all purchases made at our website are subject to our terms and conditions.

2.2 Purchases on our website may be initialised by clicking “add to basket” on each individual item page.

2.3 By confirming your purchase after reviewing your checkout basket your order will be subject to acceptance by us at all times.

2.4 Acceptance of your order and the completion of your contract with us will occur upon despatch of your item from our business outlet. We reserve the right not to accept your order at our discretion.

2.5 Any cancellation by you of your order must be made prior to despatch to avoid any additional costs of return.

2.6 Confirmation of your website order will be sent via email to your registered email address provided.

2.7 Any and all order shortages or mistakes must be notified to us within a reasonable time of acceptance of goods under all circumstances.



Value Added Tax (VAT)

3.1 We are not currently registered to apply Value Added Tax. All purchases made through this website are not subject to any VAT.



4.1 We will only ship to delivery destinations as outlined upon checkout.

4.2 All item prices on our website are subject to postage unless otherwise stated.

4.3 All orders subject to “Royal Mail Tracked Delivery” will be tracked independently by Royal Mail.

4.4 Tracking information will only be provided on request or if order fails to arrive after 4 days of initial despatch. Delivery timescales are not guaranteed.

4.5 Goods will only be deemed as lost if a) we cannot locate them through tracking b) items fail to arrive within 28 days of initial despatch.

4.6 Any goods deemed as lost will be replaced subject to varying delivery timescales.

4.7 We are not obliged to provide delivery details and as such all delivery information is supplied at our discretion only.

4.8 All international orders will be despatched using “Royal Mail Air Mail” or a suitable Please allow up to 28 days for delivery of standard items.

4.9 We ensure all items are despatched in the condition specified in the listing and are packed suitably in all cases by our dedicated handling staff.

4.10 Delivery times: Delivery times cannot be guaranteed. We will make every effort to deliver your item within the specified time or, if no date has been agreed, within a reasonable time from the date of your order). However, we cannot be held responsible for delays due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control. In such cases, we will deliver your items as soon as is reasonably possible. 

4.11 You must ensure you provide us with correct delivery address details prior to despatch. Failure to do so may result in items being returned to us. You will be liable for re-delivery charges should this occur in all circumstances.

4.12 All orders processed are subject to current Distance Selling Regulations.

4.13 All applicable UK Mainland orders received before 1:00pm GMT will be despatched same day via Royal Mail. All orders received after 1:01pm GMT will be despatched the following day. We aim to despatch all items within 24 hours but cannot guarantee delivery timescales as they may differ by location. 

4.14 Opening hours Mon-Fri 10am-5pm GMT. No items will be shipped outside of these times.



5.1 The price you pay is the price displayed on this website at the time we receive your order.

5.2 In the unlikely event that we cannot supply goods for whatever reason, you will be informed of this as soon as possible and a full refund will apply if you have already paid for the goods.

5.3 Terms and conditions for payments made by “Paypal” can be found at their website. Spru Bitz are not responsible for the content of external websites however linked.

5.4 All credit/debit card transactions are accepted at our discretion and accepted under strict confidentiality.

5.5 All transactions may be subject to checks by a registered Credit Reference Agency prior to acceptance. Any checks will only be done to confirm your identity and will not affect your credit rating under any circumstances. All information provided by you will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

5.6 We take full payment using your selected payment method at time of sale. We do not under any circumstances accept part-payments and are under no obligations to reserve stock for any period due to failed payment.

5.7 All prices are quoted in £ Pound Sterling  unless stated otherwise. Receipts are available separately upon request and subject to processing times.



Trade Descriptions, Liability and Intellectual Property

6.1 Every care has been taken to describe and display products accurately. Variations may occur in both design and specification as the manufacturers upgrade, improve or re-issue their products. We accept no responsibility for minor changes in design subject to these conditions.

6.2 All sizes, dimensions and measurements are approximate and are given as accurately as possible.

6.3 English law applies to all transactions.

6.4 Your statutory rights are not affected by these terms and conditions.

6.5 All completed purchases are deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions in full.

6.7 All intellectual property including but not limited to images and text featured on this website are subject to copyright and have been taken using our studio facilities. All images are tagged; no permission is given for the copying, editing or reproducing of any descriptions, photograph(s) or image(s) featured on this site. All breaches of copyright or misuse of our intellectual property will result in prosecution.

6.8 Any authorised items or images obtained from our website may be used for non-commercial, non-monetary and non-profit use only. Any other usage of such by you is strictly prohibited and you have no permission whatsoever to use or pass-on any of our images, material, content or other such intellectual property to any third-party for whatever use under any circumstances. All breaches of said terms will be subject to prosecution where applicable.

6.9 All products are supplied and intended for domestic use only.

6.10 Failure to abide by the terms and conditions outlined here may result in breach of contract.


Faulty Items, Damages or Loss

7.1 Please refer to instructions prior to assembly of any item supplied by us to you. Failure to do so may result in voiding of warranty.

7.2 Please consult with us prior to returning any faulty item to enable us to attempt to assist before items are returned.

7.3 Items returned for repair are subject to variable processing times.

7.4 Any item found to have no fault may be liable for a re-delivery cost.

7.5 These terms do not affect your statutory rights.



Return Policy

8.1 All returns must be packaged adequately and we must be informed of your intention to return items under all circumstances.

8.2 Unwanted items (only) must be returned within 7-days of accepted delivery in the exact condition in which they were despatched. Items returned showing signs of usage will be subject to scrutiny before any form of refund is initiated. Any unwanted item found not to be in good order as supplied will be returned to you at your cost.

8.3 You have the right to return any item, please ensure prior to purchase that the item you have selected is suitable for your needs. All returns will be subject to our scrutiny prior to refund or exchanges being made.

8.4 All return postage costs must be covered by you.

8.5 We reserve the right to only accept and process items returned packaged safely and securely.

8.6 Proof of postage is required in all circumstances in relation to returned item disputes.

8.7 It is your responsibility to ensure that a) you obtain proof of postage for each individually returned item b) you package the items securely c) all return postal fees are paid. Failure to do so may result in our inability to process your return.

This website is in no way related to or endorsed by Games Workshop. All items are sold as used / second hand goods and generally in 'off the sprue' condition and unpainted. See disclaimer:

General Disclaimer

This web site is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

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