Blood Angels – Vampires?

Blood Angels – Vampires?

As a child of the 1990’s, like many, WH40K 2nd edition was the start of a lifelong obsession with GW.

But never once did we think the Blood Angels, many a painted orange hoarde, were vampires. I have no idea when or where this lore started. Although with squad names like flesh tearers and blood drinkers, maybe it should have been more obvious? Black rage and red thirst yes, but straight-up vampires? No.

After spending an infuriating three hours watching my Ork hoard teared apart by a rampant Blood Angel army, having to continously listen to my opponent describe plunging fangs into every kill and drinking greenskin blood, I feel the need to take a stand. Clue is in the name – Angels! Not bats!

Thanks to the 2nd edition, Blood Angels, for me, are the Emperors original clean-cut army. Even more so than the Ultramarines. Not vampires.


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